Custom, hand made. Just for you. :) Made with love.

Hats By Mariah

January 2011

Hats By Mariah :) Don't forget to check out our facebook page...

Welcome. :)
We were created in January of 2011, so we're fairly new at all this.
   We make custom hats, hand made with love. :)
We mostly do classic stripes or solid colored hats.
   But people have been attracted to the character hats. These hats are made to look like your favorite video game character, or television cartoon. Children and adults alike, love them. :)
   So, we have four styles of hats. Classic beanie-like, classic with ear flaps, classic with ear flaps and braids, and of course the character hats. But also, on the side, we have the O.L. hats. [Off list.] These
   are hats that are so easy, and fast to make, I don't even put them on the order list. They look kind of marble-y... yeah. ;)
But hey, stop by our facebook page! :) You can get constant updates that way! 
;) God bless you!

Order Forms! :D

   Here is our fancy form. :) Print out this one and give it to me personally [if you can].


   You could fill out the more boring one, below. But there's a penalty with that one. A couple, actually. On that form, pom-poms are a dollar, not free. Also, on that one you can't really color your hat to make it look the way you want... so many extra steps... 


   Visit our facebook page! ;D Like our page and share it with your friends! :)
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Visit our facebook page! Like it and share it with your friends! :)